While not everyone always enjoys flying, most can appreciate the beauty and wonder of a plane soaring through the air. Fans of aviation of all kinds have plenty of ways to indulge their passion without taking to the skies themselves. A website called Upgraded Points lists the best aviation events of the year, for example, and there are plenty of interesting options to explore.

Different Types of Aviation Events to Check Out

Almost since the airplane was first invented, enthusiasts and professionals have held gatherings to celebrate it and spread the latest news. Some of the types of aviation events that draw the largest crowds today include:

  • Trade Shows. Large commercial airliners can cost hundreds of millions of dollars each, with many requiring eye-popping annual spending on maintenance, as well. Even far smaller aircraft can easily carry price tags in the millions, and all that money means aviation is big business. As a result, there are dozens of aviation trade shows held across the country and around the world each year. With some of these drawing thousands of exhibitors each, even those outside the industry often find them interesting.
  • Air Shows. While viewing static exhibits indoors can be enlightening, there is little that can set the heart racing like a jet fighter flying overhead. From the latest fighters and bombers to classics that first went aloft many years ago, there are many air shows each year where seeing such sights is guaranteed. With these events also being spread across the country, even those who prefer not to travel far typically have plenty of options.
  • Competitions. Pilots have always enjoyed competing to complete journeys faster or to travel longer distances before touching down. A sport known as air racing puts this competitive character in front of crowds that can include many thousands of spectators. While the action is always intense, fans find that air races can make for relaxing, enjoyable times.

The Love of Aircraft is Nearly Universal

With plenty of events like these and others to attend and enjoy, fans of aviation never lack options. While flying aboard a commercial airliner might not always be exciting, there are many other excellent ways to enjoy the true spirit of aviation.

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